iam J.R. Lewis™

Majimoji Rurumo - This anime is too cute. From perverts, wishes, witches, cats, cosplay to discovery club, it was endless adventure that I wouldn’t mind wanting more of.
Blue Spring Ride - a love anime you can’t help but love. Enough love to change yourself.  Enough love to have new friends.  Enough love to fall in love all over again. Just enough started this group of friends to come together and be better than who they are and they that is why I love this anime so much. Second season, please.
Invaders of Rokyjyoma - Awesome anime. Love how they are all different.  A teenage boy, a ghost, a magical girl, a earth girl, a landlady, and a princess with her assistant all trying to take control of this apartment. But in the end, they all just accepted and loved each other. Hope they come back.
Glassip - Another anime about friends becoming closer during the summer from a new boy moving into town that can hear voices from the future. It was pretty weird and kind of confusing, but it was promising to watch.
Free! Eternal Summer - So happy for the second season. How they all improved and came together as one. Especially, I love how Haru ended finding his dream. I want to see how the all ended up after school next year. Bring it back again, please.
Nobunaga Concerto - This anime as far as the animation was very different compared to other animes but it made a huge impact on the storyline. I liked how the modern day nobunaga took responsibility of history while still being himself. Plus the song at the end of the show is sooooo awesome. I hope there is a second season.
Rail Wars - Another interested,  I never knew existed. I didn’t realize there was so many kinds of trains and how important and different they were. But I wonder which girl he would be into and will he ever become an engineer.  I hope the show comes back.
Hunter x Hunter - I mentioned this anime before but I just want to say one thing… PLEAASSSSEEE DON’T LET IT BE OVER! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE! IT JUST STARTED!
Momo-kyun Sword - This was cute. Anime between celestial maidens and onis that turn out to be twins. It was mainly funny than serious but it had some nice twists and turns.
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 2 - This season sucked. It was creepy,  but it wasn’t scary at all. Not like last season.
Baby Steps - Another sports anime, I never thought I would be interested in until now. I didn’t know how much work you have put in to this sport. So awesome. I hope they show it again and he makes it in. I wonder how he do in the USA.
Persona4: the Golden ANIMATION - kinda confused on the storyline, but I get most of it. I like the personas of each friend and how the defended each other and stuck together to save Marie. Only thing is, do they realize when he change into his persona from a human back n forth. You know which one I’m talking about? Still good.
Re: Hamatora - All of it was pointless. Art just killed everybody for his built up jealously of not having a minimum masking it under the idea of his brother telling him to get rid of minimums all together. The billionaire killed herself out of boredom anyway. It was just pointless. Skill should have came out of ghostly self and came to them a long time ago and explained. But it was shocking how nice ended up having skill heart. Awww.
Strange + - Crazier and more confusing than last season, but still funny. And still don’t know of its a boy or a girl. I gave up. Lol
Captain Earth - I didn’t like the ending of this anime too much either. I know he saved her, but I wanted to see them all together at a festival eating a candy apple. And another thing, did they die? Did they survive?  I saw them holding together talking about space but was that an illusion. I was lost. Still good anime, though.