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Nobunagun - I’ve already liked animes when they reference historical figures. It think its soo cool how they create to make sense. I guess it makes sense to me for someone like Jack the Ripper to be fighting aliens. Don’t get it? I dare you to go watch it then.
Monogatari - Now I think I posted the first part of this and I still feel the same way. Its confusing and so fast to keep up with, but I made it a challenge to watch through it all with still no ending, I dont think. Or was that the ending? If so, that was screwed up. If you don’t understand what I’m see it for yourself and tell me what you think.
Hamatora - WTH kind of ending is that!?!?!?!? Grrrr, you better come back if you are going to leave me hanging like this. He was all happy that he was alive and not died and now that he is a alive he got a gun pointed at his…..oops, said too much. Go watch and see.
Soni-Ani: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION - She is too cute, sweet, loveable, and such a rockstar you can’t help but to love her and this anime. She reminds me of myself when its time to wake up. Lol
Bottom Biting Bugs - If this isnt the most childish anime I have ever watched and witness, I couldn’t help but to keep watching it. Just see what I mean. Lol
The Pilot’s Love Song - This is a whole meaning of sleeping with enemy, more like loving the enemy. A really heartfelt, tear dropping, war-fighting anime that kept me on my toes on what’s going to happen next. I hope he get her back. And I knew it was something fishy with the lady with the bob. Watch it.
Wizard Barristers - I don’t like how the wizards and humans are coexistingly separated, but I do like this anime and ofcourse, Cecile is AWESOME! I like Bon too. Lol But they left me with such an open mouth, they better come out for a second season. Watch it to find out why.
Magi - Even though the story is different from Disney’s Aladdin, I’m glad I was still drawn to it. Witches, magi’s, magic, blue dudes, and perverted comedy. Who wouldn’t want to watch it. Aside from the perverted comedy, I love this. I want it to come back.
Yessss, I was still watching it. I wanted to see the difference between the numbral and prenumbral eclipse ending. Ok, I’m done. Thanks #griffithobservatory and #livestream for this awesome experience.
My #totallunareclipse journey in screenshots from watch it on #livestream on #griffithobservatory TV. Let’s see if I can go to sleep. Lol

My clippings of the #totallunareclipse outside my house. It was too cold, but I was so excited. #nerd

My first video. And I’m being a #nerd watching #totallunareclipse on #livestream. Lol

I am going to try and stay up for this. Good thing I dont have to stay outside for hrs. I can watch the #totallunareclipse on #livestream - new.livestream.com/GriffithObservatoryTV/LunarEclipse
And ofcourse, ME to top it all off. #throwbacksunday. Lol I am too cute.
I forgot about #nationalsiblingsday,  so I have to bust me and brother’s baby pictures.